Faces of Bangkok

Bangkok: a melting pot of human activity, where shanty town shacks rest in the shadows of towering high rises, and luxury malls coexist alongside traditional Thai houses — which rest on stilts erected out of snaking canals. The city pulses with a tangible energy, with over eight million people living and working within the metropolis’ expansive buildings and winding streets.

Bangkok Portrait 4
Exploring Khlong Bang Luang (Artists Village). This woman peered out from behind one of many traditional stilted residences lining the canal in the Khlong Bang Luang artist community, Bangkok, Thailand.
Bangkok Portrait 1
Just off of Khaosan Road, this tuk tuk driver looks toward the bustling street filled with tourists, waiting for his next fare to wave him down.
Bangkok Portrait 2
A young boy plays on his father’s tuk tuk on a side street a block away from Khaosan Road’s unceasing commotion.
Bangkok Portrait 6
Taking a break from the unyielding Bankgok heat, a man laughs with friends over a bowl of soup.
Bangkok Portrait 5
This man fishes in the Chao Phraya river, which flows through Thailand’s capital. While fish do not seem abundant, the man reels in objects that have found themselves lost in the river’s flow.
Bangkok Portrait 7
This woman and her husband operate a small general store on a quiet street next to the Chao Phraya River. The store, where she serves fresh chrysanthemum tea to passersby, is just down river from the Santa Cruz Cathedral in Thonburi’s Kudi Jeen Community. ©Sarah Comber
Bangkok Portrait 3
The still sleepy Bangkok begins to wake during the mid-morning, as shop owners like this woman start their day by readying themselves for potential patrons.
Bangkok Portrait - shadows
Peering from the shadows, a woman watches passers by as the famed Pak Klong Talad (Flower Market) warehouse slowly empties for the day.
Bangkok Portrait 8
Soaking up Pak Klong Talad (Flower Market). Looking pensive, this woman quietly sat, while around her Pak Klong Talad florists closed up their stalls for the day in Bangkok, Thailand.


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Photos and Text by Sarah Comber 

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