Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

As the sunshine fades and rain takes its place, St. Kilda beach transforms from a mass of sunbathers to lone wanderers.

There is something lonely but beautiful about St. Kilda beach in the rain. During lazy summer days sunshine warms the expansive beach — the sand soon covered by partially naked bodies trying to soak up the sun’s piercing rays. The boardwalk fills with locals and tourists heading to one of the ocean-side patios, meandering out to visit the resident penguins making their home in the cove at the end of St. Kilda Pier, or settling in to catch the sunset.

Yet, the minute the clouds hid the sun’s smiling face and rain plummeted out of the sky, wetting the earth and pouring like tears into the ocean, St. Kilda Beach seemed to seep melancholy. While the odd soul ventured out into the rain, either to take a moment of quiet reflection staring out at the moody waves, or after being forced to make a short commute through the cold to a warm interior, each did so — for the most part — alone. The normally busy beach became an isolating, pensive place.


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Photos and Text by Sarah Comber.





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