Faces of Hội An

Portraits of people bringing light and life to Hội An.

Hội An’s golden buildings make a glowing backdrop framing the people who bring life to the historic city. In the meandering Old Town, shopkeepers sweep doorframes and the smells of cooking — braised pork, fresh chili, basil, star anise and lime — permeate through the air. Silk lanterns of sky-blue, fuchsia and lavender span archways and sway in the gentle breeze as tourists laugh and chat in open-air cafes.

Along the water, locals sit in narrow boats floating easy as Sunday morning in the calm river, while along the Bridge of Lights a constant flow of traffic crosses over from An Hội to the mainland. Fishermen and tourist charters dock along the Thu Bon River and in every corner of the postcard-worthy town life’s tapestry unravels. Each face memorable, distinct and beautiful in its own way.

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Photos and text by Sarah Comber. 

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