Streetscapes: Hanoi

Feeling at home while roaming the capital city’s streets.

If I was told I had to pack-up my Canadian life and move to Hanoi tomorrow, I wouldn’t even bother to fold my clothes. Rather, they’d be shoved unceremoniously into the closest suitcase on-hand. Yes, that is how much I adored the country’s capital. Not only is the food to-die-for (what I consider a must for moving to a new city) but the entire metropolis pulses with a youthful excitement and propensity for growth. Compared to its southern sister Ho Chi Minh — a rich tapestry of tradition interwoven with the scents and scenes of 8.5 million people living on-top of each other — Hanoi seemed to gracefully straddle the fence between contemporary and traditional ways of life in Vietnam. Whether wandering through the industrial areas, navigating the Old Quarter or finding peace and serenity at Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi stole my lens and my heart.

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Photos and text by Sarah Comber. 



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