Seascapes: Newcastle

Nobbys Lighthouse, Newcastle, Australia.

Sand, sea and a playful breeze accompany our walk along Bathers Way.

Looking through these photos of our trip to Newcastle makes my heart ache with a beautiful nostalgia. My husband had surprised me with a completely spontaneous trip to a city that neither of us knew much about (the tickets had been on a flash sale; reason enough for an impromptu adventure.)

As our excursion took place in the spring the weather was brisk but bright. In the summer, Newcastle’s many beaches are filled with sun-babies and surfers enjoying the warm weather and catching waves. The area is home to six expansive beaches and lookouts —including the currently active Nobbys Lighthouse — many of which are connected by the Bathers Way walk.

Yet, when we ventured to Newcastle the beaches were mostly deserted. The weather, while clear and golden, was not warm by Australian standards. The chillier climate was much to our delight, however, as a playful wind tugged at our clothing and brought colour to our cheeks. From climbing the Anzac Memorial Walk to feeling the power of the ocean pummel against Nobbys Beach’s gentle shores and taking in the art deco architecture of the Newcastle Ocean Baths, our sojourn along the city’s coast treated us to stunning views and an untamed seascape.

Newcastle Anzac Memorial Walk, Newcastle, Australia.
Newcastle Anzac Memorial Walk.
Newcastle Beach, Newcastle, Australia.
Newcastle Beach.
Newcastle Baths, Newcastle, Australia.
The Newcastle Baths.
Newcastle Baths, Newcastle, Australia.
A seagull saying hi at the Newcastle Baths.
Newcastle, Australia.
Newcastle’s seascapes are as romantic as they are rugged.
Newcastle Baths Pump House, Newcastle, Australia.
Newcastle Baths Pump House.
Newcastle, Australia.
Stunning ocean views from Newcastle Beach.
Nobbys Lighthouse, Newcastle, Australia.
Nobbys Lighthouse, Newcastle.

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