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The world is an astonishing place; with more than seven billion people navigating its waters — each with a distinct and meaningful story to tell.

Capture Cultura strives to share those stories. To relay the multifaceted, colourful, dynamic and powerful narratives that comprise the world’s rich and complex tapestry of humanity.

By taking an anthropological look at current events, culture, craft, profiles, poetry, opinions, travel and photography, Capture Cultura creates compelling, creative and intelligent content focused on impactful topics of interest to an inquisitive, educated and analytical reader.

The rise in technology and globalization is connecting the earth in a way that brings people together, but also rapidly alters cultures and seemingly makes the planet a smaller place. Yet, the world is still full of surprises — if one is not afraid to look.

By providing quality, articulate articles and arresting imagery, Capture Cultura unearths stories that see the beauty in the ordinary, share the mystery in the unusual, and eloquently give a voice to the underrepresented.