About Our Founder

Capture Cultura founder Sarah Comber is a Canadian photographer and journalist. Growing up, Sarah was enamoured with her father’s National Geographic collection. She’d spend hours pouring over maps, reading stories from all corners of the world and admiring the magazine’s powerful photos.

When she was eight-years-old, her parents took Sarah and her two brothers on a family road trip through America. Sarah diligently recorded her adventures in a journal, taping postcards into the precious notebook of all the places she and her family had been. That family trip planted the seed for Sarah to pursue a career in storytelling.

In addition to her professional work, Capture Cultura is the product of that passion. CC shares a collection of engaging and distinct travel narratives accompanied by striking images with two goals in mind: To inspire wanderlust and build bridges between people and cultures from across thee globe.

For writing or photography inquiries, please contact us for more information.