About Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah, founder and voice behind Capture Cultura. If you’ve stumbled across my blog, welcome! Thank you for spending some time travelling with me through these posts.

A little about me: I’m a Canadian photographer and writer. Growing up, I was enamoured with my dad’s National Geographic collection. Spending hours pouring over maps, reading stories from all corners of the world and admiring the powerful photos, the glossy pages of the magazine were my first taste of the world beyond home.

My parents have a taste for adventure too, and when I was eight-years-old they took me and my two brothers on a family road trip through America. I diligently recorded my adventures in a journal, taping postcards into that precious notebook of all the places we’d been. That family trip and my parents’ interest in the world around them planted the seed for me to pursue a career in storytelling.

In addition to my professional work, Capture Cultura is the product of that passion. Primarily comprised of my personal posts but also highlighting guest contributors, CC shares a collection of engaging and distinct travel narratives accompanied by striking images. This blog’s purpose is not only to be a creative outlet and place to share my adventures, but to also inspire wanderlust and build bridges between people and cultures from across the globe.

If you’d like to connect or share your travel stories on CC, I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me for more information.

Sarah Comber, founder of Capture Cultura. Blonde woman in jeans and a white sweater, standing by a beach.